Wild Hunt Complete series

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The greatest game of all time starts now...

...and the devil is making the first move.

With dozens of children to pick from, the Lord of the Underworld chooses four to lead him to victory. They only need to make the right moves. If they do, they'll earn eternal love in their mate's arms.

But if they fail their tests?

Well, eternal damnation has its perks. Hell's loaded with sex demons. There're bars on every corner. Free horror shows...

...watching your destined mate suffer forever.

And Calan, Tegan, Rowan, and Rhys will sacrifice everything to protect the ones they love from that fate. Even if it means damning themselves. Or the world.

Stories included:


Harley always knew she was a little different…but when the demonic creatures terrorizing the city start calling her one of them, there’s no ignoring the truth. The corrupted Faerie Court waiting to crown her Queen belongs to her. But so does an alluring demon hunter who promises to love and to protect her. She only has to stay alive long enough for Calan to claim her.

But living as a monster in a human’s world is hard. Especially when being bad is oh so tempting…


Tegan, the top female rider in the Wild Hunt, has a penchant for falling in love with the wrong guys. First, an adulterer and murderer. Now, a figment of her imagination. But when her dream lover turns out to be Ian, the newest Huntsman, the desire to turn their dream trysts into reality is impossible to ignore.

Three things stand in their way: Ian’s locked in a dungeon and chained to a bed. He’s got secrets that might destroy them both. And with a curse hanging over her head, she’s living on borrowed time.

But for a starving woman, even the illusion of love is enough. Until she realizes she can’t live without Ian.


A random act of violence forces Rowan, a female rider in the Wild Hunt, to face eternity without the man she loves. She fills her nights with hunting and her duty to mankind…until she meets Trevor, a human who helps her remember love.

And he doesn’t look upon her with fear when she turns into a beast from Hell. He demands her love. How is a daughter of the Devil supposed to resist someone like Trevor? Especially when he reminds her of the man she once loved and lost.


Rhys is sick of the heavenly game targeting his family. He doesn’t care how it started or why, but it’s stopping on his watch. Because nobody is taking Allie from him. Somewhere along the way, the innocent human caught up in his world claimed his heart and awakened a part of him that burns with needs he can’t ever smother. Quite simply, he loves Allie and refuses to lose her. Ever.

So this is it. Someone is going to die. A realm will crumble. A throne left vacant. Because he’s calling… Checkmate.

Product Information:

  • ASIN = B09JB9KL7L

  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing

  • Author = Nancy Corrigan

  • Genre = Demon and Fae Romance (Paranormal Fiction)