Cloaked in Mist by Nancy Corrigan book cover

Cloaked in Mist

(Elemental Desire, Book #2)

A woman bound to a promise…

A man starving for freedom…

And a fiery passion neither expected.

Nikki Reisler is on a mission to recover the Norse artifact belonging to her family. She’ll do anything to get her hands on the priceless relic, including manipulating the surly vampire who kidnaps her. But she doesn’t count on her emotions getting in the way—and loving the man you’re trying to con never turns out well.

Lyal harbors an undeniable hunger for the woman he caught a glimpse of in Greenland. She’s beautiful, intriguing, exciting…and he can’t wait to dump the conniving female on someone else. No way does he want to spend eternity with a partner who houses the power of the god he hates. But Nikki has a way of getting past his defenses and thawing his frozen heart. And when Nikki is threatened, Lyal gears up for the fight of his life. He refuses to lose the most important treasure he's ever found—Nikki.

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Praise for Cloaked in Mist...

  • "Who knew Norse mythology could be so steamy!!" Amazon Reviewer

  • " hot read with romance and suspense." Amazon Reviewer

  • "...adventurous mystery romance with lots of twist and turns." Amazon Reviewer

  • "Their relationship is conflicted, dramatic, steamy and at times humorous." Amazon Reviewer

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Product Information:

  • ISBN = 9781946672131

  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing

  • Author = Nancy Corrigan

  • Genre = Paranormal Vampire & Norse Mythology Romance (Fiction)

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“I do enjoy beautiful things.” He twined his fingers with hers and stretched her left hand higher, taking away any opening she had to attack him again. Losing more blood wouldn’t help him control his hunger. He needed every drop of blood if he had any chance of resisting her. “And you, Nikki, are the definition of beautiful.”

“How do you know my name?”

“I know many things about you.” The lie came easily. Thanks to her stepbrother, Stephen, Lyal had learned some facts about her, including her penchant for infiltrating companies and stealing valuable information, among other things. Unfortunately, Lyal had gotten too sick from feeding on the male to extract more details. He’d absorbed enough to direct him to this museum, however.

“Then you know I won’t concede the book to you. Ever.” She bit out the last word.

A book? How much money could she get for a book?

“It doesn’t matter what you want, Nikki. You’re mine, and anything that belongs to you is also mine.” At least until he could pawn her off on one of his cousins or friends. Tying her to another male was the only way he’d be able to break their connection. Hopefully. Otherwise, he’d be joining his deceased brethren in the afterlife.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You’re mine, and I’m taking you home with me, even if I have to toss you over my shoulder and carry you, kicking and screaming.” He curled his right hand around hers so they both held the knife. “Now, do what I say before I lose control and do something we’ll both regret.”

“No. You’re going to let me go before I snap and do something I’ll regret.”

“Sorry, cupcake, not happening. You can kiss your freedom good-bye. You’re now a casualty of war.”

“War? What war?”

“The one you were unlucky enough to be born into.”

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