Forbidden Mate eBook cover

Forbidden Mate

(Royal-Kagan, Book #8)

Goal: Topple a powerful man.

Reality: He lands on top of you.

Nyx was supposed to bring down the strongest Royal feline on the Shifter Council. Not fall in love with Anton Alexander. But living in the same house with the intriguing, aloof shifter male changes everything. Except the plans she set in motion can’t be as easily altered as her heart.

Never date your employee. The simple rule should’ve saved Anton from falling under Nyx’s spell. But Nyx isn’t just a secretary. She's his everything. But he never expected his true mate would try to implicate him in a crime. And when the real murderer comes after both of them, Anton has no choice but to embrace his primal side.

Hunt or be hunted. And a Royal never loses.

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Nyx kept her gaze firmly locked on Anton's face in an effort to stop herself from checking out his groin. Rumor also had it Royal males had been blessed with huge (bleep) too. It'd be best if she didn't learn the gossip was true. With her hormones raging, she didn't care why she'd entered this house.

She hungered.

Anton could meet her needs. She instinctually knew that. He would shatter her, bringing her to an (bleep) that would leave her trembling. The primitive side of her wanted that. The rest of her understood how devastating that'd be. Emotions weakened a woman. So did sharing a bond to a mate. Soon, she'd be safe from both fates. She couldn't wait.

On a slow, heated appraisal, Anton swept his gaze over Nyx's body. Her skin warmed under the suggestive perusal even though there wasn't much for Anton to see. Her long A-line skirt hid her curves, while the loose, shapeless jacket she'd buttoned over her blouse concealed the swell of her breasts.

She'd spent days agonizing over what to wear for this meeting. Every article of clothing she'd chosen was either black or dark gray too. She'd wanted to appear innocent and unobtrusive, someone Anton would ignore as he went about his day.

Nothing would hide her flushed cheeks or the scent of her arousal, however. She could smell her desire as easily as Anton would.

How could she not react to Anton's interest? The man was literally a walking sex god. Or maybe the great-grandchild of one.

"I can see that." Anton's slightly parted lips showed a hint of fang, a clear sign she'd triggered his primal side too. "But I honestly expect whores to show a little more skin."

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"...scintillating romance."

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