Rejected Mate by Nancy Corrigan book cover

Rejected Mate (Shifter World: Royal-Kagan, book 5)

One choice—tradition or love—will either seal a man’s fate or his pack’s future.

Born human and raised among wolves, Riley understands the intricacies of pack life and where she falls in their hierarchy. At the bottom.

But when Nic Kagan—former boyfriend and future leader—returns to the pack, Riley sets her sights on a different position. By Nic’s side…forever.

Primal instincts to breed don’t account for human emotions. Rival shifters looking to take over the pack don’t care about Nic’s feelings either. But Riley has owned Nic’s heart and his body for years.

With the full moon and the looming transfer of their pack's power fast approaching, Nic is in for the fight of his life and his heart. Especially when his wolf is turning out to be his greatest adversary.

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This book is the Mainstream Fiction (open-door) version of NIC by Dana Archer, the closed-door pen name of Nancy Corrigan. If you prefer fade-to-black romance, then Dana Archer’s version is for you.

Rejected Mate was previously titled as Bridged by Love.

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"You're bleeding." She brushed back his fur and gently touched the skin around a long gash. "This wasn't from a fight, was it?"

He shook his head, the only answer he could give in his limited form.

She stared into his eyes. Not a hint of fear showed in her expression. She treated his dad and the other dominants with the respect owed them by avoiding eye contact. Never with Nic, at least not in private, but the rules were different around the other wolves. Riley had always understood the need for hierarchy among the members. In the pack's eyes, she was as low as one could be. In his, she was his equal.

"Shift and tell me why you decided to drag your sorry ass to my house. None of these cuts need my attention."

Not happening. Through his wolf's eyes, he felt nothing physical toward her. Only his memories reminded him of what it was like to love her. If he shifted? One whiff of her sweet fragrance, and he'd want to devour her.

On a huff, she pushed to her feet. She planted her hands on her flaring hips. "Fine, be stubborn. I'm in no mood. Go home and lick your own wounds."

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"This series keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for the next book in this series. Definitely worth 5 stars." (Read full review)

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Product Information:

  • ISBN = 9781946672094

  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing

  • Author = Nancy Corrigan

  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)