(Shifter World Collection, 1)

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Royal-Kagan boxed set

"The idea of a shifter that has three different animals inside them is totally new and amazing...I couldn't put the book down... I read a lot of paranormal romance books by several different authors and I must say Nancy surprised me with her new outlook on shifters."

Includes the titles:

  1. Treasured Find

  2. Beautiful Mistake

  3. Favorite Obsession

  4. Chance on Love

  5. Rejected Mate

  6. Shared Mate

  7. Last Chance

  8. Forbidden Mate

From the first story:

Never dare a shifter… mate you.

As a human living in the Shifter World, Jasmine knew better than to get involved with a shifter. They’re dangerous, possessive, wild, and…


But Rafe kept calling her his true mate and treating her like his queen.

She had a moment of weakness, okay?

Now, a crazy stalker wants her dead and all the secrets she has worked so hard to keep hidden might end up sealing her fate. Unless Rafe ends her human life first…

Product Information

  • ISBN e-book =978-1-953075-47-5

  • ASIN e-book = B09ZP1NX2V

  • ISBN audio = 978-1-953075-17-8

  • Series = Shifter World

  • # in series = Related Book (Collection 1)

  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing

  • Author = Nancy Corrigan

  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)

  • Mainstream Fiction versions of RAFE, DEVIN, and JOSH, SEAN, NIC, ETHAN, XANDER, and ANTON by Dana Archer

What readers are saying...

  • "...highly recommend these books to all readers who enjoy great romantic shifter stories." Amazon reviewer, 5 stars (Read full review)

  • "Wow..." Amazon reviewer, 5 stars (Read full review)

  • "If you like strong alpha males meeting their match, both in and out of the bedroom, read this series!" Amazon reviewer, 5 stars (Read full review)

Praise for Shifter World books:

  • "Nancy Corrigan is just as great as Lora Leigh with her Breed's Series or Christine Feehan is with her Carpathian Series!!" Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

  • "Hot! Hot! Hot! Nancy Corrigan delivers with a steamy, magical series that leaves readers wanting more!" Donna Grant, USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, on Treasured Find, book 1 of the Shifter World: Royal-Kagan series.

  • "If you like/love Lora Leigh's Breeds novels, you will like/love this series as well." Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

  • "If you like stories from Christine Feehan's Dark/Carpathian or Ghostwalker series, you'll really enjoy it." Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

  • "Awesome author. Along with Julie K Cohen and Carrie Pulkien!!!" Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

Praise for Royal-Kagan

Treasured Find:

  • "steamy, magical series..." Donna Grant, USA Today and NY Times bestselling author.

  • "If you like/love Lora Leigh's Breeds novels, you will like/love this series as well."

  • "If you like stories from Christine Feehan's Dark/Carpathian or Ghostwalker series, you'll really enjoy it. It reminds me of that style of writing but with Ms. Corrigan's own flare to it."

Beautiful Mistake:

  • "This is an epically awesome dose of shifter love."

  • "The chemistry between Devin and Lena is blistering...very well written with a very distinctive plot."

Favorite Obsession:

  • "These shifters differ from others that I've read in the past, it makes for some awesome reading."

  • "This was a jaw dropper!"

Chance on Love:

  • "A wonderful new take on shifters

Rejected Mate:

  • "Nancy's take on shifters is totally different and a joy to read."

  • "Their story is full of emotion. It carries everything from love, betrayal, family, lies, lust, honor, deceit, and loyalty."

Shared Mate:

  • "Ethan, Hanna and Noah's story was beyond just beautiful it was just plain hot"

  • "Ms. Corrigan has crafted a compelling read set in an exciting and evocative world."

Last Chance:

  • "This was one very hot read!"

Forbidden Mate:

  • "Political intrigue, original shifter world...A captivating read which I highly recommend."

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this story...a page turner."

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Long strides took him around the bar, an older structure that appeared as if it had seen several upgrades and expansions over its lifetime. An upper and lower deck graced one side. The raised level had tables, while the lower featured a live band and dance area. People moved on both, and the sharp twining from instruments as the musicians warmed up carried over the drone of laughter and conversation.

The place was packed, a good thing for those partying and an inconvenience for him. He had business to take care of that didn't need an audience. He continued past the decks to the employee entrance. Several cars and trucks were parked near the door.

He followed the smell carrying on the breeze to a blue SUV. A child's car seat was secured in the back. He tugged on the door handle. Locked. No matter. Going by the strength of the scent seeping from the cracked window, Megan had traveled in the vehicle recently.

He pulled out his cell and dialed his friend and fellow pride member, Devin.

"Yeah?" Devin answered.

"You were right. Megan is with her uncle. I found Josh's car, and there are enough stuffed animals and toys in it to amuse any cub with a short attention span."

"Have you spotted her?"

"Not yet, but if she's here, I'll get her." Rafe glanced over his shoulder at the building. "And once I hand her over to you, Josh and I are having a little talk about how kids should be raised."

"Just because the neighbor remembered seeing Megan with Josh doesn't mean he took her to the bar. The woman said he owns the place. Maybe he's working, and he dropped Megan off at a sitter or something."

The idea didn't comfort him. Actually, it'd almost be better if Josh had taken Megan to work with him. It'd be harder to carry a screaming five-year old through a packed bar than killing her sitter without bystanders nearby and walking away with their rare cub--the innocent child who had a price on her head.

"As soon as I find out, I'll call."

Devin's sigh carried over the line. "Good. I want out of here as soon as possible."

"You didn't have to come. I could've brought one of my brothers."

"You know I couldn't stay behind, not when kids are threatened."

Yeah, he knew that. It was an honorable trait, but Devin wasn't exactly sane. Dropping him in a tense situation with humans close by was a disaster waiting to happen, but Rafe wasn't their pride leader. He didn't get to make the decisions. Kade did, and sometimes Rafe wondered if his twin thought through his dictates before issuing them.

"So, what did you find at Tony's office?" Rafe asked.

"A whole box of documents from the lawyer who handled Megan's adoption and..."

Rafe waited for him to finish and finally prompted, "And?"

Devin cleared his throat. "The female you smelled at Tony's house has spent time here too."

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