General Romance Questions:

What is an open-door romance?

A book that contains graphic/descriptive sex scenes as an enhancement to the story and romance arc.

Why is open-door romance sometimes called Mainstream romance?

Mainstream romance books reflect prevailing and accepted values toward sex and love. The intimate scenes in a open-door (Mainstream) romance are compatible to what you'd see on streaming/cable shows.

Is erotic romance the same as open-door (Mainstream) romance?

No. In erotic romance, the intimate scenes are necessary for the story and romance arc. In open-door (Mainstream), love scenes are considered icing on the cake - good to have but not necessary.

What is a closed-door romance?

A story without graphic imtimate scenes. Any intimacy either happens off-page or is described through non-graphic (hugging, kissing, etc.) and emotional descriptions.

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